About the Author of The Four Hour Body

Posted January 6th, 2011 in Reviews by admin

Timothy Ferris is the best-selling author of The 4-Hour Work Week, a book written about his experiences minimizing his time working and enjoying a lifestyle he describes as “The New Rich.” Personally I was a huge fan of his first published work and found his insights to be enlightening. However, being an avid health and fitness buff, I was a bit critical of someone who had previously written a business book now becoming an “expert” on the human body.

What did draw me in about Timothy Ferris writing on such a topic is that he is famous for his ability to test everything in order to find the “Minimum Effective Dose.” In other words getting the most bang for your buck. He tests every variable, inside and out in order to eliminate unnecessary work and time-consumers. The goal is to understand what variables cause the best end result. Ultimately, he does this so that you can spend the least amount of time doing something while still seeing 95% of the results you would if you took the long route.

His methods are known in the internet community as Life Hacks and he pursues them restlessly. The 4-Hour Work Week was formed around the basis of what he calls Lifestyle Design, Tim coined this phrase in his previous book. In it, he focuses on the 80/20 principle, a concept which claims that 80% of your results come from a small amount of your efforts. A majority of your time spent working only yields 20% of your results.  Allowing you to focus on the least amount of work necessary. This idea led Tim to shortening his work weeks to under 4 hours per day while still accomplishing over 80% of the same productivity.

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